Horizm Report: The Digital Value of Fans

Horizm Report: The Digital Value of Fans

The future of revenue in sport is digital.

Sounds fairly obvious right? But what does it really mean? What is the value of sports’ digital assets and how it being generated?

In our new report, The Digital Value of Fans, we seek to better understand value of the digital landscape in sports by focusing on three key questions:

  1. Which properties have the biggest digital inventory?
  2. Who is the best at generating value form their digital audience?
  3. What are the levers that drive this value and who is best at using them?

Using Intelligenz, our AI powered benchmarking solution that projects digital performance based on publicly available data, we compared Q1 inventory and audience size, value per fan and the primary drivers of value – activity levels and post-performance – from the world’s leading sports leagues and teams. For this report, we have focused all analysis on the three primary social channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our report projects that the combined online inventory of the teams in the world’s top sports leagues will be worth more than €1 billion by the end of this year. That’s’ a billion-euro opportunity that is largely being under exploited.

Here’s a little peak at what that opportunity looks like…

To find out which teams are predicted to generate the most digital inventory, which leagues have the highest average value per fan or which channel is the most valuable download the Digital Value of Fans by clicking on the button below.


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