The Digital Value of Fans – US Edition

The Digital Value of Fans US Edition

What is the digital value of US sports fans for the major leagues & franchises they follow?

Which leagues generate the most value from their digital audience? Which franchises are the most efficient at creating value?

Our new report The Digital Value of Fans – US Editions provides the answers, using our AI-powered valuation and benchmarking tools to analyse the audiences of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB & MLS franchises across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Key Takeaways:

  • At a league level, NBA has the biggest audience size & value, but NHL is the best at generating value per fan.
  • At a franchise level, NBA teams dominate in terms of size, with 13 out of the top 20, while MLB franchises represent almost 50% of the value per fan top 20.
  • In terms of channels, Twitter sees the highest level of value per fan achieved from a league perspective, but Instagram sees the highest value per fan achieved from a franchise.

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