Horizm Digital Standards Issue 2, 2021

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Horizm Digital Standards – Issue 2, 2021

While the summer of 2021 marked a return for major sporting competitions such as the Euros and the Olympics, the first half of 2021 remained hugely challenging for much of the sporting world, with games continuing to be played without fans and the important match revenues they generate.

Digital channels remained a vital connection to fans throughout this period and a way to deliver value for sponsors, with rights holders learning to adapt their digital strategy and build a diversity of content that can maintain engagement both around and away from matches.

Horizm Digital Standards – Issue 2, 2021 evaluated, and provided best practice examples of, this diversity based on the analysis of our in-house experts but also driven by data from Intelligenz, our proprietary digital media benchmarking tool.

In this report, published August 2021, we looked all posts made by the teams from the world’s 12 top sporting leagues, between January and June 2021, to identify the best performing pieces of content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to understand the different content and platform trends and to showcase some of the best practice examples we found.

August 2021
Digital Best Practice
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