The Digital Value of Fans Formula 1 Edition

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Formula 1 Digital Value of Fans

Fuelled by new races and driven by new fan interest from Netflix’s ground-breaking “Drive to Survive” series, Formula 1 is one of the fastest growing major sports leagues on the planet across the four major social platforms – in 2020, total engagement was up by 99% YoY across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Building on The Digital Value of Fans, our industry study which analysed the digital efficiency of the world’s top sports leagues, this special edition applied the methodology to Formula 1.

The report analysed the performance of all Formula 1 teams on Facebook Instagram and Twitter, across the first third of 2021, analysing which teams had the biggest predicted digital inventory, which ones were the best at generating value per fan and how Formula 1 compares with other top sports competitions.

June 2021
Formula 1