Real Madrid CF & Horizm set new standards in digital innovation & valuation

Real Madrid CF & Horizm set new standards in digital innovation & valuation

At World Football Summit (WFS) Live, LaLiga Champions, Real Madrid CF unveiled their ground-breaking approach to commercial insights which has put digital innovation at the heart of the club’s operations, on and off the pitch, and how they are collaborating with start-ups to deliver new intelligence for the club and new commercial opportunities. Michael Sutherland, Chief Transformation Officer, Real Madrid CF was speaking alongside Pedro Mestriner, CEO, Horizm and former Real Madrid midfielder and now CEO, Olocip, Esteban Granero, on a panel titled Setting new standards in AI & digital innovation.

During the panel discussion, which has hosted by Clive Reeves, Senior Manager, Sports Business Advisory, PWC Sports, Michael Sutherland outlined how the ten-time European Champions have embraced new technologies across their different business units to drive greater insights and more revenues.

At WFS Live, Mr Sutherland also discussed their collaboration with award- winning, artificial intelligence startup Horizm, who provide a new, real-time solution to digital inventory management; one that allows Real Madrid CF to better track, value and monetize their social media and other digital assets, enabling them to drive more value for their partners and create new revenue streams. 

Speaking during the session, Mr Sutherland commented:

“With technology evolving at such a rapid pace we have to find new ways to innovate. By incubating Horizm inside the business and co-innovating with them, Horizm was able to bring a solution to market faster that provides real business value and was achieved through rapid iteration and direct feedback with our internal business stakeholders. We believe these models of co-innovation can help to push the entire industry forward.”

Commenting on the partnership, Pedro Mestriner, CEO, Horizm said: 

“It has been fantastic to work alongside Michael and all the team at Real Madrid – they are so committed to driving improvement through innovation and it has been great to see the evolution of our product with them, It has been an important first part of a development process that we are proud to continue through the work we do with other leading clubs and sports rights holders”.

Horizm works with more than 50 clients across 9 countries and 6 different sports, helping rights holders to unlock digital revenue. Their success was recognised at the WFS Industry Awards, where they received the Best Supplier Award presented by SportsTech X. 

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About Horizm

Horizm is the future of digital revenue generation in sports.

Founded in 2019, the company was born with the goal of being the number one digital asset platform for the global sports and entertainment industries; to revolutionize the way clubs operate in our new digital era and fully support them across their digital commercial lifecycles.

Horizm provides new, real-time solution to digital inventory management, leveraging artificial intelligence to help sports and entertainment better track, value and monetize their digital media.

Horizm’s unique platform enables rights holders, agencies and talent to drive more value for their partners and create new revenue streams from existing inventory.

Horizm also enables brands to identify high performing assets that reach their target audience and ensure greater return on their partnership/sponsorship investment.  

Horizm’s solution provides a more rigorous, more holistic approach to managing and selling digital inventory, one that is focused on digital campaigns and not the theoretical value of media exposure. 

Horizm is a chosen digital solution for leading football clubs such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, Olympique Lyon and Benfica along with the FIVB, the FIH and the Australian Open.

About Olocip

Olocip is an international company that is pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence in the business world and specializes in professional sports. The company was founded five years ago by the footballer Esteban Granero together with his technological partners, Pedro Larrañaga and Concha Bielza, both professors in artificial intelligence with more than 35 years of experience.

Olocip carries out tasks as a personalised department of artificial intelligence, consultancy and implementation of AI platforms (SaaS). It offers artificial intelligence solutions in the financial and digital sector, startups, tourism, forecasting and sports, among others.

Olocip’s AI is used to predict (What’s going to happen?) and prescribe (What do I have to do to make what I want to happen?) with the aim of reducing uncertainty and helping professionals to make better decisions to reduce costs and increase profit.