Marketplace Case Study: Futbol KICKS x Portuguese FA

Marketplace Case Study: Futbol KICKS x Portuguese FA


In this Horizm case study, we share what happened when Kicks chose Horizm Marketplace as means to reach their target audience through sport, by activating digitally with the Portuguese Football Association via their TV Channel (Canal 11’s) social media.


The Background

KICKS was founded in 2014 on a piece of paper by the hand of two friends who are passionate about fashion and retail. Today that paper is a treasured memory.

The first store was inaugurated in Porto. The KICKS experience rapidly multiplied across the country and today it counts with 15 stores in Portugal, focused on offering a personalized service and focused on the needs of each customer.

The Portuguese Football Federation is the governing body of football in Portugal. They oversee all aspects of the game of football in Portugal, both professional, amateur and administers the competition committee (including the handling of the trophy) of the Campeonato de Portugal, the Taça de Portugal and the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira. It is also responsible for appointing the management of the Portugal national football team (men’s), women’s, and youth national football teams.


The Business Needs

KICKS has always worked with digital advertising on traditional platforms, but was actively looking for new forms of communication to reach more customers and thus generate more sales with these needs in mind, KICKS decided that Horizm would be the perfect partner to expand their digital advertising perspectives.


How did Horizm marketplace help to solve this problem? 

Horizm Marketplace offered KICKS the opportunity to trial digital activation in sport, with a budget and campaign length of their choice. After reviewing the options available they chose to digital takeover of the Portuguese FA  social media posts sponsoring all posts across all their social channels for a content series.


“Horizm allowed us to discover areas of the market that we had never explored, with great transparency of data and relevant information. We got to know methods and costs of digital advertising on sports and e-sports channels, for example. The platform is user friendly and the continuous effort that Horizm makes to improve it is notorious, guaranteeing a high quality in the work methodology. The follow-up given to us throughout the process was also excellent, with José supporting us in all doubts and questions, with enormous availability.”


Kévin Lacerda – Marketing Manager, KICKS



During the campaign period, KICKS saw a 45% increase in visits to the Instagram profile, and gained new followers on the platforms. In terms of reach, KICKS saw growth of 38% on Instagram and 78% on Facebook. Whilst the direct sales impact is still in calculation KICKS have deduced that the more people we reach, the more potential customers the business has.


How does Marketplace work?

Check out our video on Horizm Marketplace and how it works.



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