Horizm launch Marketplace, the billion-dollar digital asset matching platform

Horizm launch Marketplace, the billion-dollar digital asset matching platform


Horizm have today officially launched Marketplace, a ground-breaking new platform that is set to continue their disruption of the sports sponsorship industry. Marketplace is an AI-powered platform that aggregates content groups across a range of digital sports inventory, allowing brands to match their audience needs with the digital assets of rights holders and benefit from precise geo-demographic targeting on a flexible, per campaign basis. For rights holders, Marketplace provides a platform to unlock new revenues from their existing digital inventory.

At a time when brands are looking for more flexibility from their sports partnerships and are increasingly looking to sport’s loyal audiences to deliver on short term marketing objectives, Horizm’s Marketplace provides an asset matching service that is in line with their digital-first approach; one that enables proactivity and direct measurability and provides audience engagement opportunities that are not constrained by long term, more traditional sponsorship agreements.

Marketplace platform provides a simple, user-friendly process for identifying and buying these digital opportunities, allowing brands to target according to criteria such as audience demographic, geographic, type of industry and budget and then purchase in one place, minimising the amount of time and interactions involved.

Marketplace will also provide valuable new revenue streams to the broad range of sports teams, leagues, athletes and federations who have signed up with Horizm, and who are collectively offering over $1bn in digital inventory for brands to activate against. 

Commenting on the launch of Marketplace Pedro Mestriner, CEO, Horizm said:

“This is a proud moment for all of us at Horizm. When we created this company, our vision was to help the Sports and Entertainment industries bridge the gap between what is possible on digital and what is currently being achieved. We firmly believe that Marketplace is that bridge and represents the future of digital asset management in sports; it will empower brands to make better, more targeted investments that will deliver a greater ROI while also delivering new revenues for the many rights holders involved. To launch Marketplace with over $1bn in retained inventory, just two years into the company’s existence, is an achievement we are immensely proud of, but this is only the beginning. Thanks to the hard work of our team, our client base is rapidly growing and with it the digital audience we can offer to brands.”

For more information on how Marketplace and Horizm’s other solutions support brands in the management of their digital asset investments, please click here

For more information on how Marketplace fits into the range of products Horizm offers rights holders to support them throughout their digital commercial lifecyle, please click here


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About Horizm

Horizm is the future of digital revenue in sport.

Founded in 2019, the company was born with the goal of being the number one digital asset platform for the global sports and entertainment industries; to revolutionize the way rights holders and brands operate in our new digital era and fully support them across their digital asset lifecycles.

Horizm provides a new, real-time solution to digital inventory management, leveraging artificial intelligence to help sports and entertainment better track, value and monetize their digital media.

Horizm’s unique platform enables rights holders, agencies and talent to drive more value for their partners and create new revenue streams from existing inventory.

Horizm also enables brands to identify high performing assets that reach their target audience and ensure greater return on their sponsorship investment.  

Horizm’s solution provides a more rigorous, more holistic approach to managing and selling digital inventory, one that is focused on digital campaigns and not the theoretical value of media exposure. 

Horizm has quickly established a global footprint, serving more than 80 properties across 15 countries and is the chosen digital solution for leading football clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, Olympique Lyonnais, Benfica, Flamengo and Wolverhampton Wanderers along with the Portuguese Football Federation and other elite sports organisations such as Saracens, New Zealand Cricket, Delhi Capitals, the FIVB, the FIH and the Australian Open.