EA Sports tops digital value list of brands activating across a European Football market that shows huge untapped potential

EA Sports tops digital value list of brands activating across a European Football market that shows huge untapped potential

New Horizm report shows that brands activated less than 5% of the digital inventory available across the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Liga Portugal in 2021/22.

During the 2021/22 season, 682 brands chose to digitally activate partnerships with teams across European Football’s top six leagues as means to achieve their marketing aims but only benefitted from a fraction of the inventory available, according to a new report from digital audience specialists Horizm.

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Brands in Football – The Digital Game shows that during the past season, the teams of the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Liga Portugal delivered a combined total of €75.6m in activated value for their different partners, through content shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. However, this is less than 5% of the total digital inventory available, over €1.5bn.

The report shows of the brands involved, EA Sports received the most activated value – €9.6m in total through 22 different properties – ahead of Emirates Airlines with €8.2m and Adidas with €7.4m. Adidas were the most active brand by number of posts and Gatorade the most efficient in terms of activated value per post.

In terms of brand categories, the top 10 by value – headed by Video Gaming and including categories such as Insurance, Betting and Fan Tokens – accounts for 72% of the total value activated. 

At a league level, collectively the teams of LaLiga had the highest amount of activated value with €26.0m ahead of the Premier League with €24.7m and Serie A with €15.4m. Liga Portugal activated the most number of posts with over 14,000. Serie activated the highest percentage of their available inventory with 12.2%.

Manchester City delivered the highest amount of activated value in the Premier League with €5.2m. Real Madrid lead the way in LaLiga with €19.0m, Juventus in Serie A with €5.6m, Paris Saint Germain in Ligue 1 with €2.8m, Benfica in Liga Portugal with €2.0m and Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga with €1.0m.

Brands in Football – The Digital Game, is compiled using data from Horizm’s proprietary benchmarking tool which uses AI to analyse the digital performance of brands and rights holders across the global sports industry using publicly available data. The release of the report comes shortly after Horizm Marketplace went live, the sports industry’s first fully transactional marketplace that lets brands quickly and efficiently target their customers through the highly engaged medium of digital sports content.

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Founded in 2019, Horizm was born with the goal of being the number one digital audience platform for the global sports and entertainment industries; to revolutionize the way rights holders and brands operate in our new digital era and fully support them across their digital asset life cycles.

Through their proprietary Marketplace, Horizm connects brands interested in reaching sports fans with rights holders looking for ways to better value and monetize their digital content. Horizm Marketplace aggregates over $1.5bn of digital inventory, offering brands a convenient and effective route to target customers through the highly engaged medium of sports content.

This inventory is accessed through contracted agreements which see Horizm leverage artificial intelligence to provide sports and entertainment with the complete toolkit needed to value, benchmark and monetize their digital audience engagement. Predicated on a more rigorous, more holistic approach to managing and selling digital inventory, one that is routed in understanding true market price, Horizm’s platform also enables rights holders, agencies and talent to drive more value for their partners and unlock new revenue streams from existing inventory.

Horizm is the chosen digital solution for leading football clubs such as Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Everton, Real Madrid, Juventus, Olympique Lyonnais, Benfica, Flamengo and Wolverhampton Wanderers along with the Portuguese Football Federation and other elite sports organisations such as Saracens, Cricket West Indies, Mumbai Indians, the FIVB, the FIH and the Australian Open.