Performance Analysis


Through Connect, Horizm uses the power of our AI valuation technology modules to formulate algorithms and predictive behaviour machine learning that provides:
Post by post view
Our platform tracks real time performance (available within 12 hours) and market value of each individual post.
the platform monitors the demographics and geographic distribution of your audience and where value is being delivered.
Value delivered to partners
Our tool lets you track and report the value being delivered to partners through digital activations.
Creation of Content Series
By using Horizm's AI and Machine Learning capabilities, the platform identifies groups of recurring content, creating content franchises that can be sponsored and activated.
Media Exposure
In addition to real time digital asset valuations, our toolkit can also provide the media equivalent value being generated by the exposure of your partners' brand and logo across your different digital and social channels.
Gameday/Competition information:
details the value being delivered on each individual gameday or competition

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