Caribbean Premier League & Horizm – Client Interview with Chris Watson, Head of Marketing

Caribbean Premier League & Horizm Client Interview with Chris Watson, Head of Marketing

After a successful first agreement with Horizm to support the valuation and management of their award winning social media, the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) chose to sign a new longer term agreement last month. Following the renewal, we spoke to the CPL’s Head of Marketing, Chris Watson, to find out how they have built Horizm’s tool into their digital and commercial activities and what their expectations are for the future.

Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to speak to us and delighted to be extending the collaboration! What role does digital media play in the Caribbean Premier League’s commercial strategy and how have you use Horizm’s platform to support this over the past 12 months?

Digital has been an incredibly fast-growing vertical for CPL, driving most of our growth up to a global audience of 520m (60% YOY increase) during the tournament last year and over 6.7million followers on social media. Horizm has helped us to look at the detail to understand our growth and look at the ways we have engaged with our fans and driven value to our commercial partners in more depth than ever before.

How has Horizm’s platform changed the way you approach your digital media?

Deeper insight provided by Horizm allows us to optimise our campaigns more regularly and alter our content production and posting strategies in order to maximise the impact of what we are doing on social media.

What have been your biggest learnings from using Horizm’s platform?

Understanding the power and value of a large, highly engaged social media following.

How has your use of the tool changed/developed over the first year of the agreement?

CPL have used the tool both as a retrospective campaign evaluation tool as well as to help guide strategy for developing and delivering content to fans. We use it on a top strategic level as well as diving into the finer details on a granular post level.

What were the main reasons behind your decision to renew with Horizm?

We are very impressed at the depth of insight available, plus the ability to consolidate social media performance from all channels or break them down on a granular basis. We believe the tool will continue to help inform and optimise our social media strategy.

What are your expectations of the relationship with Horizm and what it can do for your digital revenues over the next 12 months?

Through understanding the fast growth of digital and how our audiences in different territories engage with different platforms, we can provide more relevant content than ever before and drive more exposure to our commercial partners. We anticipate this providing increased commercial benefits to CPL as we move forward.

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